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In Hialeah, Fla., the best drain cleaning company to call is Alligator Septic and Drain where we answer customer’s telephone calls round-the-clock. Our family owned and operated business has provided professional drain cleaning and septic system repairs since 1989 at commercial and residential properties. The drains in your home or business may seem unimportant until the devices are emptying slowly or clogged completely. The plumbing drains located beneath toilets, sinks and bathtubs are used constantly in any type of building but rarely receive routine maintenance. Most of the calls we receive concerning drain problems are emergencies because our customers have failed to notice the signs of potential clogs. When a clogged drain occurs, it needs repair within a few hours to prevent sewage from flooding floors and crawl spaces in buildings.

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Signs & Symptoms of a Potential Clog

A kitchen’s sink drain gets a constant workout with nasty debris such as food particles and grease that line the interior and exterior pipes, creating a narrow space for water to flow. Our customers may notice that a drain in a kitchen’s sink is running slower or making strange gurgling sounds that indicates a blockage is developing. Despite running extra water in the sink, a foul odor may emanate from the drain that smells like rotten eggs. The drains in bathroom sinks and bathtubs also develop clogs from a combination of hair and soap. Toilets also have drains under the device that lead to sewer lines that may have clogs from bathroom tissue or invading tree roots. Floor drains in laundry rooms, garages or basements can also have clogs that prevent drainage, leading to dangerous standing water that can cause falls or electrocution.

How We Use a Cable Snake and Hydro Jetting toClear Drains

The first tool that we use to remove a difficult clog is a plumber’s snake that is more effective than a plunger. Also known as an auger, this device can breakup debris such as tree roots and bathroom tissue while scraping the sides of sewer lines and pipes when operated correctly by our drain cleaning team. After a clog is dislodged, we run water through the pipes and sewer lines to remove additional debris. In many cases, a plumber’s snake is ineffective because the clog is dense, large or located deep within the plumbing system. When this happens, our team uses a hydro jetting or high velocity approach to cleaning a building’s drains. Hydro jetting equipment blasts streams of water into the sewer line or pipe to dislodge difficult clogs that include dense layers of debris such as grease and bathroom tissue. The best thing about the hydro jetting process is that it is quick and noninvasive, avoiding time-consuming digging in lawns or requiring several days to complete. Scheduling routine drain cleaning from Alligator Septic and Drain can help to prevent emergency service calls for backups at residential and commercial properties.

Camera Inspection Used to Find the Root of the Problem

The best time for Hialeah customers to call us at Alligator Septic and Drain is when drains are running slowly before a complete backup occurs. However, if there is an emergency drain clog in a building, then call us immediately to avoid water damage from overflowing toilets or sinks. We keep our company’s service vans filled with equipment and tools necessary to make an efficient repair at any property. Upon arriving at a business or home, we get to work quickly to determine exactly where a clog is located in a drain. Long ago, drain cleaning companies often had to dig up lawns or tear out walls to find clogs located deep inside pipes and sewer lines. Today, our technicians use modern camera equipment to find where the clog is located to target the substance to avoid damaging a property.

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