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Residents of Miami, Florida are fortunate to have a business like Alligator Septic and Drain in their area. Drain cleaning services can cause a homeowner a lot of stress and trouble. When your home faces a drainage emergency, these stressful times can get the best of you. But Alligator Septic and Drain can be there for you within one hour of an emergency call. We personally answer our phones 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. We have been making ourselves available to our valued customers with our family-owned business since 1989. You can expect fast, friendly services from us all the time.

The Cable Snake

Cables Snakes are our favorite tools for unclogging drains. We have snakes large enough to clean pipes up to six inches. We also have small snakes that can unclog a shower head. These machines are used to feed metal cables through drainage lines to clean tough clogs and get your drains working like new again. Cable snakes are the easiest and most effective tools for removing common house backups. Your drains should be clear in no time with our comprehensive selection of cable snakes that we will use to make your drains work the way they should.

High Velocity Water Jetting

We also utilize a fantastic tool called high velocity water jets to clear pipes. Some pipes get clogged with grease and sand. These clogs may not be cleaned with cable snakes alone. When we run into the worst clogs you can imagine, we send high pressure water jets through the pipes to blast the clogs out. These handy nozzles pull themselves forward during the cleaning process so that the drains are clear in no time at all. Not even the toughest clogs can stand up to this pressurized water in the pipes.

Camera Inspections

Cameras are used in conjunction with cable snakes and water jets to figure out the cause of a blockage. There may be a broken line that is causing all sorts of drainage problems. We will use the cable snakes and water jets to clear out some space so that the cameras can see the blockages. If cameras don not work, there is a transmitter we can put down the line to locate if the line is broken or clogged with something hard. We will soon know exactly how to take care of that pesky clog in your sewer line or drainage system.

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You can count on Miami drainage cleaning experts at Alligator Septic and Drain. We are proud to say that we are rated as one of the best businesses in south Florida year after year. We will quickly work to find out what your needs are so that we can provide a solution that makes sense for you. You do not have to be burdened by a clogged drain that causes problems in your home. Feel free to give us a call any time of any day. We will answer your calls and respond to your emergencies whenever you need us the most.

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