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Drain Cleaning Pembroke Pines

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Complete Drain Cleaning Service

Alligator Septic and Drain provides complete plumbing services to keep your drains clean and working properly. As a family-owned and operated service since 1989, we pride ourselves on making sure our customers become loyal patrons for life. In an attempt to save money, many homeowners may attempt to repair a clogged drain on their own with over-the-counter detergents and cleaners. Unfortunately, while these products may provide a temporary solution, without proper cleaning and isolation of the source of the problem the problem usually returns.

Causes of Clogs

Through faulty design, failing pipes or objects blocking the flow of water, drains can become clogged for any number of reasons. Using a plunger or attempting to use harsh cleaners may damage the types and create a situation where costly repairs may be needed later on. Different drains are designed to handle different types of materials. A kitchen drain is often more robust and designed to dispose of dirty water, food and grease. When you use a plunger to force a blockage out, you may be sending a relatively benign clog caught in the trap further on down the pipeline. This can cause further damage to your drainage system. Often, drains accumulate over a long period of time. Grease an harden, hair can clump and clog drains and paper products can create a dam that blocks the flow of water.

Drain Cleaning Process

A variety of specialized equipment is used to clear a clogged drain. A cable snake can be used to clear the pipe. High velocity water jets can help remove caked on grease, and a camera can be used to check the pipes for any remaining residue. Most homeowners stop after clearing the pipe of the clog, but this just leaves the pipes vulnerable to additional clogging. Our professional cleaning service not only clears the pipes, but it also cleans the pipes. We scour your pipes to ensure that future blockages do not occur, and ensure that water flows cleanly. Once we finish cleaning the pipes, they are inspected using a specially-designed camera. The camera can detect any areas that need to be replaced or repaired. Finally, our plumbers can suggest cover plates and other remedies to prevent your drains from getting clogged in the first place.

Specialized Equipment

The cable snake is an electric machine that can clear and clean pipes up to six inches wide. This device can save hours of time and get your drains unclogged immediately. The water jet is used to clear grease blockages and scale deposits. Water jets are also useful for parking lots and driveways where sand, grit and dirt may be clogging your drains. Cameras are used when there is a noticeable hard obstruction or if there is reason to believe there is a hard obstruction. Cameras only work in instances where the drain is already clear of water. In extreme cases where a block can not be cleared, a transmitted is used on the end of a cable snake. This tells us where and how far to dig to repair your pipes.

Pembroke Pines Sewer & Drain Cleaning

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