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Every service technician comes with drain cleaning equipment to get your toilets, tubs, and showers draining!

Cable Snake

The cable snake is an electric machine that spins a coiled metal cable down plumbing lines. We have cable snakes large enough to clear 6 inch pipes and small enough to clear shower blockages. The cable snake is our go to piece of equipment to get things draining. It is the best way to clear wet wipe and root blockages, the most common causes of house backups.

Sewer Jet / Water Jet

The sewer jet is a high pressure water hose with a nozzle at the end that blasts high pressure water out. The nozzles are setup so that the jet pulls itself forward into the line as it clears the blockage. We typically use the sewer jet in PVC lines with grease blockages, in old cast iron lines with scale build up, and in parking lot drains with sand build up. We also use the sewer jet in conjuction with camera inspection equimpent to pinpoint problem spots in lines and clear them.

Camera Inspection / Sewer Video Inspection

When we run the cable snake or jet through a line and feel a hard obstruction it is time to pull out the camera. The camera in conjuction with the digital locator allows us to see what caused the problem and exactly where the problem is. There are a couple misconceptions about the camera. You cannot use a camera if the line is backed up and full of water, you will not be able to see anything. We must first punch a hole through the blockage with a cable snake or jet inorder to see the cause of the problem with the camera. In cases where the line is broken and we cannot use the camera we send a transmitter down the line on the end of a cable snake. This tells us where the break is and we can dig to further assess the problem.

THOUSANDS OF Lines Cleared

A-Alligator has been clearing clogged drains since 1989. We have Seen it all. Use us to have the problem solved the first time around.

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