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Alligator Septic and Drain provides fast, reliable and effective service to the residents of Miramar, Florida. Our grease trap serve can help you keep your traps clean and functioning properly, whether you run a high-powered restaurant, school or convention center. We have seven trucks available to meet your needs, and we can respond within an hour for round the clock emergency services. We know about the specific environmental conditions and needs of the Miramar community, and we have been serving the area for over 20 years.

All About Grease Traps

Grease traps are designed to trap fat, oil and grease. Untrained personnel that attempt to clean these traps can cause irreversible damage, as well as injury to themselves and the property. A professional cleaning crew that specializes in grease traps can get your traps functioning properly to get the flow of water running again. Grease traps are important in prevent fat, oil and grease from hardening and creating blockages in drainage systems.

Grease traps range in size from as small as 25 gallons and can extend up to 5,000 gallons. If you have never cleaned a grease trap, it is not something you want to take on by yourself. The process requires special equipment, tools and knowledge. Otherwise, you may find that your cleaning only temporary resolves blockages. The purpose of a grease trap is to prevent grease from entering the city sewer infrastructure.

Regular Maintenance Schedules

If you run a restaurant or facility that uses a grease trap, you should have regular maintenance scheduled to prevent build-up. Failing to properly maintain grease traps can end up costing you more in costly repairs and downtime. Regulation bodies also regularly check facilities and may cite you for improperly managing your grease traps. It is important to note that all restaurants have at least one grease trap.

If you do not know how often you need to schedule maintenance our professional team can work out a schedule to fit your needs. For small indoor grease traps, you want to pump and clean the traps every two weeks to four weeks. Larger traps generally only need to be maintained every three months.

Grease Trap Cleaning Process

Grease traps must be opened and inspected to ensure that all of the seals and other parts are in-tact. Once the system has been examined, powerful vacuum trucks are used to clean large outdoor traps. Indoor traps may be cleaned using powerful line jetting and power washing equipment. After pumping the waste, it must be disposed of properly. Our company gives you all of the necessary paperwork to document your cleaning routine and verify that you are disposing of your grease properly.

In addition to grease traps, we can inspect your storm drains, plumbing and lift stations to ensure proper functioning. Failure to clean a grease trap properly can create an unwanted smell and put your company in violation of local ordinances. Since we specialize in helping companies in the Miramar, Florida area, we know the proper forms and maintenance schedule to make your business compliant.

Fast, Efficient and Effective Service

When you hire our professionals, we commit to providing your company with fast, efficient and detailed service. We have the most experienced staff and can respond to virtually any emergency within an hour. No matter what your hours of operation, by trusting our family you are developing a relationship with a proven and time-tested full-service plumbing service. We also provide grease trap installation services, floor drain cleaning, pressure cleaning and water jetting to keep your restaurant clean.

About Our Company

Our outstanding service begins the moment you call our company. We are family run company and have been doing things our way since 1989. When you call our offices, a person on our team answers the phone. We are available day and night, and we provide a complete drain cleaning service as well as grease trap cleaning, repairs and septic tank cleaning. Contact A-Alligator today to see why we consistently get the highest rankings in South Florida.

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