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Cooper City Parking Lot Drain Cleaning

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A-Alligator has been cleaning Cooper City catch basins and storm drains for years. We have the equipment to clean every basin and jet clean every line. We commonly work for poperty management companies.

Let us give you a free estimate on cleaning parking lot drains, storm drains, and french drains.

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We provide the best storm drain cleaning service in south florida. With a small fleet of vac trucks we can handle any job. When you use us you get the most experienced, friendly, and knowledgeable staff in the drainage industry. Our prices are excellent and our service is superior.

Catch Basins (also known as French Drains, Storm Drains, Parking Lot Drains)

Catch basins are concrete boxes or cylinders that trap solid waste and allow water to drain into the ground through a drain line. Parking lot flooding is caused by drains being exluded with solid waste. When the drains fill with sand and debris the storm water cannot enter the drainage portion of the system and permeate into the ground. Catch basins either dump into a perferated drainage line (plastic or stainless steel) or a soakage pit.

Soakage Pits

Soakage pits are large underground tanks with perferations in the sidewalls or bottoms that allow storm water to drain into the ground. Soakage pits range in size from 1,000 gallons to more than 20,000 gallons. The sidewalls and bottoms are pressure cleaned and the debris is vaccumed out so that the storm water inside the pit can permeate into the ground. The soakage pit acts as a sponge containing storm water during heavy periods of rain and drying out slowly after.

Storm Drain Cleaning

  • Catch Basins

  • French Drains

  • Hydro Excavation

  • High Velocity Water Jetting

  • Soakage Pit Cleaning

  • Vac Trucks

  • Pressure Cleaning


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