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Storm Drain Cleaning In Hallandale , Vac Trucks

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At Alligator Septic and Drain, we have provided vac truck services to the Hallandale area for over 25 years. We have dedicated ourselves to the safety of the community, and we provide services that are going to help you prevent floods in your area. Look through our list of services below so that you can get your storm drains cleared out before the next rainy season hits.

Need Service? Call 24/7

You can make an appointment with us at any time, and we will send one of our vac truck teams to your location. When you schedule an appointment, we would like you to tell us if the appointment is for regular maintenance or flooding. If you are experiencing flooding in the area because of a clogged drain, we want to know about it. If you are calling for regular maintenance, we want to check our records to see when you last had the storm drains cleared.

Equipment and Expertise

When you call on us, we send out our teams that have years of experience in the industry. We have been working for quite a long time in the clearing of storm drains and traps. In fact, some members of our teams have been with us from the very beginning. Each team will use our heavy-duty vac trucks to clear the storm drains, and our professional staff can check each storm drain to make sure that it is completely clear.

The Drains

When you are thinking about taking care of the storm drains in your community, you need to consider regular maintenance. We recommend that you get these drains cleared once a year, and we can set up a schedule that sends us out once a year for your benefit. Also, we can climb in to check the storm traps if you believe there is a problem with them. We have professionals on each team who can tell you if there is a problem with the drain, and they can show you what might be causing the problem. This sort of information makes it much easier for you to manage the drains, and you will be able to spot problems before they get out of hand.

How Long Does It Take?

We can clear the storm drains in your community in just an hour or so. Some drains take a bit longer, and some drains are much easier. We try to get out of your hair as soon as possible, and we want you to be satisfied with the service. We will not shut down your home or business to do the cleaning, and we try to get our trucks out of the way so that you can have your side of the street to yourself.

When you are considering cleaning our your storm drains, you need to call us for help. We have all the tools and expertise you need to get the drains cleaned, and we will be sure to check the drains for you. Our services provide you with clean drains that will not flood during the next storm.

Storm Drain Cleaning

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  • French Drains

  • Hydro Excavation

  • High Velocity Water Jetting

  • Soakage Pit Cleaning

  • Vac Trucks

  • Pressure Cleaning


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