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Dedictated repair crews allow us to provide fast quality service on demand. We come fully equipped (Camera Inspection, Saws, Pipe, Cable Snake, Digital Line Locators) to diagnose and solve any drainage problem you have.

Pipe Repair

Most clogged drains can be cleared with a cable snake or water jet. In some cases the pipe has collapsed, slumped, or has been invaded by roots. In this case we usually cable snake the line to get it temporarily functional and camera inspect the line to pinpoint the problem. Most problems are a same day fix. We dig down to the problem, cut, and do a sectional repair of the pipe.

Septic Tank Steel Manhole Cover & Lid Installation

Most septic tanks are buried within 8 inches of the surface. We have seen tanks as deep as 1-4 feet deep. When septic tanks are this deep it makes it difficult and time consuming to trouble shoot and service. When the toilets do not flush this is a major problem. For easy access the solution is to install a concrete riser with a steel manhole cover to the surface. This solution is safe, heavy duty, odor free, & cost effective. Manholes are absolutely neccessary if your tank is deeper than 8 inches.

Septic Tank outlet baffle device

Almost all older septic tanks we service have a damaged or deteriorated outlet baffle. The outlet baffle is the single most important part of the septic system. It allows clear water to go out to the drainfield, and traps solid waste in the tank. When the baffle is damaged solids get out to the drainfield and clog it. Original baffle devices are usually made out of concrete. The solution is to remove the old damaged baffle and install a new PVC baffle.


A-Alligator has been installing drainfields for over 20 years. We are a state licensed septic tank contractor. We have installed thousands of drainfields over the last 20 years. We will be able to diagnose and solve any septic system issue or drainfield issue you are having. We offer free drainfield estimates.

A-Alligator has been doing drainfields for 20 years. The same drainfield crew has been with us since 1990. We do not use sub-contractors. A-Alligator is capable of installing any system that is required.

With a dedicated drainfield crew, we can fix a system quickly. Our fair prices and quality systems have made us the largest installer in Broward. We will be happy to answer any drainfield questions you may have. Call (954) 763-4999

Lift Stations & Pump Systems

We repair, replace, and service pumps in lift stations.


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